Inspiring Minds, Creating Leaders.

To ensure every child, experiences amazing learning, loves school and makes great progress.


Diyar School team believes that children need to control their own learning in order to develop a real love for learning. By engaging our students in hands-on, critical thinking and problem-solving activities through to a diverse range of interesting learning opportunities, we build their independence and confidence and enable them to become resilient, life-long learners. We see our students growing into adaptable young adults capable of embracing the challenges of the future, leading and influencing others.

What Matters at Diyar Schools

  • Our children are safe, supervised and well cared for at all times -children know that the first priority of every adult in school is their well-being
  • Amazing learning is central so that lessons are enjoyable and relevant and progress is excellent
  • Teachers know that they are responsible for ensuring every child makes as much progress as possible
  • Developing in each child, a love of reading and books, is central to what wedo
  • Our curriculum ensures we teach children what they need to know rather than whathas been taught in the past
  • In our learning, children celebrate and respect the culture, traditions, heritage and vision of the UAE as well as exploring othercultures
  • Diyarschools are inclusive, which means we welcome students from all backgrounds and with a range of interests andabilities
  • Tolerance is a priority in our schools

Diyar students are:

  • Enlightened
  • Educated
  • Enterprising
  • Empowered
  • Energized
  • Learner qualities

Diyar students:

  • learn to levels that amazethem;
  • collaborate;
  • thinkcritically;
  • inquire andinvestigate;
  • lead andinfluence;
  • challenge andquestion

Diyar Teachers :

  • Work tirelessly to ensure that every child makes as much progress aspossible;
  • Plan lessons which are active, collaborative and cognitive
  • Ensure that learning is inspiring, engaging, memorable, fun andrelevant;
  • Value student happiness and schoolconnectedness;
  • Work closely with parents to guide the learningprocess;
  • Provide a first-class international education with a localflavor;
  • Inspire student independence and leadership

The Diyar Promise –we promise parents that:

  • Diyar students will learn at levels that will amaze both them andyou;
  • Diyar students will love coming to ourschool;
  • Diyar schools will create leaders with a compassionate world view who grasp opportunities and inspire and influenceothers;
  • Diyar teachers will communicate with you about your child’s learning and life atschool;
  • Diyar curricula will inspire your children to be creative, independent and resilientthinkers;
  • Diyar lessons will be engaging, active, collaborative and strong on academicrigor;
  • Diyar school will work closely with you, as parents, to ensure every child experiences success in his or her learning.
Our school embraces the individuality of every learner. Our decisions are student or learning-focused decisions, we focus relentlessly on amazing learning. We will INSPIRE, NURTURE and EQUIP every childthrough mentoring, enrichment or personalized study, so that they amaze themselves and inspire and influence others.
Diyar International Private School is a lively, busy, happy and hard working school where students are supported to develop a love of learning and achieve beyond what they thought possible.

The Key Principles of our success in ‘Inspiring Minds, Creating Leaders’depend on:

  • Amazing Learning
  • Self-Belief
  • Confidence
  • Determination
  • Excellence
  • Feedback