The KG department at Diyar Private Academy follows an American common core curriculum and caters for students of four and five years old. The subjects taught are English, Math, Science, Arabic, Islamic, Art, PE, English Social Studies and Information Technology.

The KG section also provides enrichment opportunities throughout the year for students to celebrate their learning. We provide student-led activities in an engaging and collaborative process to encourage all students to learn at their own developmental pace. At Diyar Private Academy we have strategies to assist all students with their learning and provide individual learning according to the child’s needs.

Students are encouraged to share their learning by participating in a variety of activities in the classroom and around the school. Lessons in the KG section involve lots of hands on activities to enable students to express their ideas and show their skills. The children learn by actively building connections between experience and knowledge. Here they become responsible for their learning by investigating through experiences, asking questions, and reflecting on their observations to make conclusions.

Diyar is a school known for having a close and enduring relationship between parents and teachers as the Kindergarten section is aware of the importance of parental involvement in education and thus values having a home-school partnership.

We provide learning with fun, innovation, and respect that makes our students prepared for the technological advances of the 21st century, and we help them to be internationally minded citizens who can communicate, interact, and reflect effectively with the world around them with a positive attitude.

Come join our KG team on a journey of learning and discovery!