At Diyar we believe in giving all of our students every opportunity to learn and grow. We understand that every child is unique and so we train and support our teachers to enable them to incorporate the latest methodologies to ensure that the diverse needs of the children in the class are considered in every lesson.

At Diyar we aim to equip our students with skills such as collaboration and teamwork, innovative and critical thinking. These skills will prepare them to be creative problem solvers that are equipped to take on the challenges of work and life in the modern global economy. These 21st century skills will be critical to their success in the future.

We are advocates of student centered active learning. This means that students are encouraged, challenged and motivated to take some responsibility for their own learning; to use the knowledge they have as a basis to research, investigate, analyze and then form opinions based on their own observations. Developing the ability to both understand new concepts and then apply them to solve problems is an important part of our approach here at Diyar.

At Diyar we believe in an inclusive, student centered approach to education. We are committed to providing learning experiences that allow all students to fulfil their potential. We have a range of academic support strategies designed to ensure that the needs of all of our students are catered for; these include a variety of activities that will appeal to all learning styles, an awareness of different cultural backgrounds, and the individual interests of our learners. As a school we ensure that Islamic values are integrated into all of our activities.

Assessment is a continuous process at Diyar. We have both formative and summative assessments running throughout the school year, so students experience a range of different ways in which their progress is measured. In all grades students will complete tests and projects to earn credit along with presentations and a variety of informal assessment activities.

Our approach to education is interactive, inclusive, challenging, rigorous, collaborative and fun.